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ADDAPT's additives are entering the South American market






At ADDAPT we continue to expand our worldwide network of distributors. This large distributor network enables us to extensively support our end-users in every way we can, with product trainings, technical support, starting formulations, etc. Until last year our focus had been merely on the European, Asian, Australian and African market. There had not been a lot of activity in South America, but that changed when our Brazilian colleague Sergio Melchert joined the team.


Since the beginning of this year we have been in contact with some potential distributors that are very interested in selling our water based additives in South America. Some of them even visited us at the European Coatings Show in Germany last April to have some face-to-face contact and to get a better understanding of our additives and applications.


We are very delighted to announce the first two companies that will be distributing our additives in South America; 'Brenntag' in Brazil and Argentina and 'M.A. Liberman & CIA S.R.L' in Argentina. This means that companies located in these countries can now encounter the benefits of our chemicals that make a big difference in terms of innovation and environmental friendliness.


Did we get you interested in our chemicals after seeing our website and reading our extensive product brochures? If so, then please contact one of our distributors. If you are interested, but we do not show a distributor in your country, then please contact the sales manager responsible for your area, so we can see in what way ADDAPT can help you.



Contact details Distributors South America:


Brenntag Quimica Brasil - Brazil

Brenntag Argentina S.A. - Argentina (Food/Lubricants)

M.A. Liberman & CIA S.R.L - Argentina (Coatings)










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