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ADDISP™ - A new range of Wetting & Dispersing Additives






ADDAPT launches a new range of wetting and dispersing additives called ADDISP™.


The new range consists of ADDISP™ 250 and 600N; modified polyacrylates providing excellent pigment stabilization of fillers and especially Titanium Dioxide, improving wet scrub and rub out properties.


With ADDISP™ 950 a new versatile universal wetting and dispersing additive is offered for high-grade resin free pigment pastes suitable for both water borne and solvent borne applications. ADDISP™ 950 is APEO and VOC free and a high-molecular weight non-ionic additive. It is highly effective in milling of carbon blacks and highly concentrated pigment pastes.


The ADDISP™ 750 is a wetting and dispersing additive for both organic and inorganic pigments and oxide type pigments.


The range is completed with two grades for the sustainable additives range of ADDAPT. ADDISP™ 850 is a dispersing agent, which can be used in combination with the wetting agent ADDISP™ 550. Both additives are biodegradable, APEO-, solvent and VOC free.



"No ball mill needed"










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