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(Co)-Dispersantscodis brochure




The DISP and CODIS products are solvent-free (co)-Dispersants for pigments and fillers which are used primarily in coatings, inks and adhesives.




CODIS BIOdownload

CODIS BIO provides very effective pH control for low odour systems . It has no contribution to VOC/SVOC and is >75% based on renewable resources..



CODIS 95download

CODIS 95 is an effective co-Dispersant for (mineral) pigments and fillers. It is also suitable for colorants and solvent based Alkyd paints. CODIS 95 is a proprietary blend of Alkanol


ADDAPT-SPERSE PH provides very effective pH control for low odour systems. It has minimal contribution to VOC. ADDAPT-SPERSE PH contains a proprietary blend of Alkanol-amines in water.

Our new range of Wetting & Dispersing additives "ADDISP" will soon be available!


DISP 600Ndownload

DISP 600 is an excellent solvent-free Dispersant for (mineral) pigments and fillers. It is also excellently suitable for colorants and reactive pigments.



DISP 800 / DISP 900download

DISP 800 and DISP 900 are excellent solvent-free Dispersants for (mineral) pigments and fillers. They enable a high pigment loading at low viscosity.

Ester 20 DA - Disperging Agentdownload

Ester 20 DA is a solvent free pigment dispersing agent for solvent based systems. It is especially recommended as disperging agent for Carbon Black.



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