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Ferrocor Flash TN™ - A new Flash Rust Inhibitor






Last year ADDAPT developed a new Flash Rust Inhibitor called Ferrocor Flash TN; a water soluble corrosion inhibitor for Ferrous and Zinc substrates. It is a proprietary blend of Phosphate salts and Phosphonoxy esters.



Ferrocor Flash TN has the following benefits:


•  Offers excellent solubility in water based systems.

•  A very effective Flash Rust inhibitor.

•  A very effective Ferrous corrosion inhibitor; excellent salt spray results can be achieved in primers.

•  Inhibits metal weight loss when steel is immersed in the aqueous system containing Ferrocor Flash TN.

•  An excellent passivator for yellow metals (Copper, Brass, etc.).

•  An excellent inhibitor for Zinc and Zinc rich surfaces.

•  Its use is not restricted by the water hardness.


More background information is available in this document. For more technical details, please read the Technical Data Sheet.


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