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Welcome to ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

A Dutch producer of environmentally friendly additives




ADDAPT Chemicals BV is an independent chemical company located in the Netherlands and specialized in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly additives for a wide variety of mainly water based systems. In-depth knowledge of additives makes us a respected and reliable 'GLOCAL' supplier and enables us to offer you creative and often innovative solutions.


Our extensive range of additives are used for various industry groups all over the world such as  (industrial) coatings, adhesives, (decorative) paints, renders/putties, printing inks, foam control agents, lubricants, waste water treatment, cement/concrete gypsum and protective care systems.


For tomorrow's technology, for tomorrow's world...

We put emphasis on the development of new, high performing and environmentally acceptable chemicals, making us a valuable partner for companies developing tomorrow's technology for tomorrow's world.




New brochure:

Sustainable Additive Portfolio


We present a completely new brochure that provides an overview of all our sustainable additives.



A warm welcome to our new colleague Kayleigh!


As of today Mrs. Kayleigh Dirks-Landsbergen has joined our Internal Sales team. Welcome Kayleigh!



New product:

Foamstop BioVeg G


Foamstop BioVeg G is an organic defoamer (MOSH/  MOAH free), especially formulated for the processing of Vegetables, Potatoes and Mushrooms read more>

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