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New brochure: Wastewater Treatment Additives






Increasing living standards and consumption of goods is followed by the increase of waste products. This implies that water supply and wastewater treatment obtain high priority for all kind of industries. In order to keep up with fresh water supply, usage of wastewater treatment plants became a standard practice for the majority of the industries producing considerable amount of wastewater.


During purification of the wastewater, there is an increasing tendency of foam-build up. Usage of Foam Control Agents is highly recommended in order to achieve an optimized wastewater treatment process. The increasing number of waste treatment plants and the very strict environmental restrictions for industrial waste leads to a strong increase in Foam Control Agents (FCA).


ADDAPT Chemicals BV offers a range of Foam Control Agents for wastewater treatment. For more information read the 'Wastewater Treatment Additives' brochure.


For information on all other products please see 'Products & Applications' or 'Brochures'.

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