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New distributor: Al Shihab Al Thahabi Trading Co.







Al Shihab Al ThahabiWe proudly present to you our new distributor 'Al Shihab Al Thahabi Trading Co'. Al Shihab Al Thahabi is located in the United Arab Emirates and will be our distributor for the territories United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.



Al Shihab Al Thahabi is a U.A.E. based company with a long pedigree of trading in the Arabian Peninsula. Their operations cover the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council & Yemen. The headquarters and warehousing facilities are located at the heart of the Gulf in Sharjah. From here they are able to provide overnight delivery of material and equipment to most locations on the Peninsula.


Contact details can be found in the 'Distributor list'. For more information on Al Shihab Al Thahabi please visit the website





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