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New product: Foamstop BioVeg G






ADDAPT Foamstop BioVeg G is an organic defoamer (MOSH/MOAH free), especially formulated for the processing of Vegetables (Spinach, Carrots, Peas), Potato (Starch, French Fries) and Mushrooms (Champignon). For more information, please see the TDS.


New Development


We have developed a new defoamer, MOSH/MOAH (and POSH) free. This (MOSH/POSH/MOAH-free) is the latest trend in the food processing industry in Europe! Every food processor in Europe is now frantically looking for such products and food processing will definitely be affected.


Expectation is that this trend will go global shortly.


MOSH                  Mineral Oil originating Saturated Hydrocarbons

POSH                   Polyolefine originating Saturated Hydrocarbon (from packaging)

MOAH                  Mineral Oil originating Aromatic Hydrocarbons





Main sources of MOSH/POSH and MOAH in food packaging materials, food additives, processing aids and environmental contaminants such as lubricants. Aromatic Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOAH) may act as carcinogen, while saturated MOH (MOSH/POSH) can accumulate in human tissue (European Food Safety Authority). Therefore the presence of MOAH and MOSH/POSH is of potential concern according to the European Food Safety authority.



Legislation food


There are no maximum limits for MOH in food according to EU legislation. However the German Federal Institute for Risk assessment (BfR) & the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMEL) published guideline values and a draft regulation on the maximum limits in food:


MOAH                C16-C35               0.5 mg/Kg product (BMEL)


MOSH/POSH     C10-C16               12 mg/Kg product (BfR)

MOSH/POSH     C17-C20                 4 mg/Kg product (BfR)

MOSH/POSH     C20-C35                 2 mg/Kg product (BMEL)


We have done very successful trials in Spinach and Mushrooms (Champignon); achieving much lower dosing rates compared to our competitors! Also, deaerating after blanching is such that smaller packaging can be used, which will save on logistic costs.


Foamstop BioVeg G is available for sampling and we will be able to produce early August.









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