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New production site ADDAPT Chemicals after devastating fire accident






A few months ago a devastating fire destroyed our entire company. We faced a really difficult period, but fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel; construction of our new production facility in Helmond (The Netherlands) will start before the end of October.


After the fire on August 1st, we experienced some really hectic times. Thanks to the help of befriended facilities and the motivation and determination of our entire team, we were able to restart part of our production after only two weeks. Although the circumstances are far from ideal - the offices are situated in Helmond and production is temporary in Hapert, more than 40 km apart - we still keep a positive mind-set. This terrible accident may have struck us hard, but we will come back even stronger. Therefore we are delighted to share with you our promising plan for the future: building a completely new production facility with more storage and production capacity.



The architect has finalized the drawings, the contractor has been appointed to the project, storage tanks and reactors are ordered and within a couple of days construction of the new facility will start. It will be located in Helmond, although at a different address as before. The new production facility will be filled with 42 storage tanks of 35.000 litres, three 25.000 litre reactors, four 10.000 litre reactors, four 5.000 litre reactors, one 1.500 litre reactor and a 60 litre pilot plant. The estimated capacity will be more than 75.000 MT/annum. There will also be a well-equipped Application laboratory (600 m2), an Analytical laboratory (100 m2) as well as a laboratory for Research and Development (400 m2). Together with the offices the new facility covers about 5.000 m2 (total site 17.725 m2).



New production facility in 2016


We expect construction to be finished in June 2016. Our offices will be first to move and production will start a little later due to the complexity of the installation process. Next year at this very moment we hope to be fully operational from our new site, producing even more products to meet the ever-growing global demand for environmentally friendly additives.


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Fire accident on August 1st and The day after

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