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Additives Master Batch for facade finishes of thermal insulation systems






Abstract - Due to increasing environmental awareness, Thermal Insulation Systems (TIS) are making more and more in-roads into modern ways of building and replacing traditional cavity walls, thereby providing more cost effective ways of construction.


This paper describes choice and design of TIS, type of reinforcement, with choice of adhesive (mineral/organic) and aesthetic finishes of facades by novel renders. Problems like efflorescence, color fading, dirt pick-up (snail trails), algae/fungi growth and weathering resistance are addressed as well as Total Solar Reflection (TSR).


It is shown that a new additive (ADDAPT BioWet P80) allows ease of production of a wide variety of render types (Polymer Emulsion bound, Silicate and/or Silicone based) via a unique Master Batch approach. The Master Batch approach based on ADDAPT BioWet P80 allows a far better, cost effective production of a variety of Polymer Emulsion based render systems. A wide range of additives (with their negative properties) can be substituted by one additive: ADDAPT BioWet P80.





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