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Our products: high performing & environmentally friendly additives



ADDAPT puts emphasis on the development of new, high performing yet environmentally friendly additives. Our ability to develop and share knowledge and insight makes it possible to improve performance of formulations, offering creative and often innovative solutions to problems.



Product safety with REACH


All of the substances that ADDAPT manufactures are successfully REACH-registered. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances) ensures the risks associated with chemical substances are managed consistently and that safety information on the substances is provided throughout the European Union (EU). REACH makes it possible to assess hazards and risks of the substances and to identify and implement risk management measures for human and environmental protection.



Product information: Technical Data Sheets available online!


ADDAPT Chemicals BV offers a extensive range of innovative additives for various industry groups such as (industrial) coatings, adhesives, (decorative) paints, printing inks, foam control agents, lubricants, waste water treatment, cement/concrete gypsum and protective care systems.


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