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The Tac range are tackifiers used to improve the adhesion of oils and lubricants to reduce lubricant splashing. They can be used in metalworking fluids, rust preventatives, spindle oils and hydraulic fluids.




Tackifier Introductiondownload

Tack improvers are added to lubricants to reduce splashing from machine elements in motion. Their main effect is an enhanced lubricant viscosity, particularly at low shear stress, and an increased adhesion of oil films to metal surfaces....

Tac E 60          download

Tac E 60 is a biodegradable tack improver based on natural rubber dissolved in a vegetable oil for lubricating oils and metal working processes in general.

Tac M 7download

Tac M 7 is a tack improver consisting of Polyisobutene in white oil for lubricating oils and greases.






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