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Update: Restarting production after fire accident ADDAPT Chemicals BV






After the devastating fire that burned down ADDAPT Chemicals BV on August 1st, our company faced some really hectic times. Luckily we were able to restart part of our production at August 15th. This restart was made possible because of our server backup system, the help from befriended facilities and the enormous motivation of the whole ADDAPT team. Our employees have worked really hard to make sure that we can still produce and deliver our products even though the circumstances are far from ideal. We are extremely proud of our entire team!


At this point we are able to produce 80-85% of our product range. For the remaining product portfolio we are still having discussions with other facilities. Sample delivery will restart next week, but due to the many sample requests, there can be a delay of a couple of weeks. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding.


Unfortunately, even after thorough investigation the cause of the fire and the location where the fire started cannot be determined. Luckily, tests have shown that no toxic substances were found in the air and soil.




Fire burns down ADDAPT Chemicals BV






Saturday August 1st, at approximately 22:45 pm, a devastating fire burned down the building where ADDAPT Chemicals BV is located.


An employee noticed the fire after he received a notification from the company alarm system. At the time the employee arrived at the company, there was a lot of smoke inside and within a couple of minutes the flames came through the roof.


Besides ADDAPT Chemicals a couple of other companies, which were located in the same building, were destroyed. At this moment we do not know what caused the fire, nor do we know if the fire started at ADDAPT Chemicals BV. Further research is needed to determine this.


We have started discussions with alternative production sites, in order to continue the supply of goods. Despite the major size of this terrible incident, we will be looking at the future and will do everything necessary to get the company back in business again as soon as possible. We are confident to re-start within a very short time.


The next few days we will contact the surrounding businesses to inform them personally about the situation and the current state of affairs.


Our thanks go out to those who showed sympathy and offered their help during the difficult period.






ADDAPT Chemicals BV door brand vernietigd






Op zaterdag 1 augustus, om ongeveer 22.45 uur, heeft een grote brand ervoor gezorgd dat het pand waar onder andere ADDAPT Chemicals BV is gevestigd volledig is afgebrand.


De brand werd opgemerkt nadat een medewerker een melding kreeg van het eigen alarmsysteem dat was afgegaan. Op het moment dat de medewerker polshoogte ging nemen was er al veel rookvorming in het pand en binnen enkele minuten kwamen de vlammen uit het dak.


De brand heeft naast ADDAPT Chemicals ook nog enkele andere bedrijven, die in hetzelfde pand waren gevestigd, volledig in de as gelegd en ook naastgelegen bedrijven hebben flinke schade opgelopen. Waardoor de brand precies is ontstaan en of deze bij ADDAPT Chemicals BV is begonnen is nog niet duidelijk. Onderzoek zal dit de komende dagen moeten uitwijzen.


Op dit moment zijn wij druk bezig om te kijken naar alternatieve productiemogelijkheden om zo snel mogelijk weer aan onze klanten te kunnen leveren. Ondanks dat dit een grote catastrofe is voor ADDAPT Chemicals BV, zal er vooruit worden gekeken en al het nodige worden gedaan om ons bedrijf zo snel mogelijk weer op de been te krijgen. Wij hebben er het volste vertrouwen in dat er binnen enkele weken weer geleverd kan worden.


De komende dagen nemen wij contact op met de omliggende bedrijven om hen persoonlijk te informeren over de situatie en de huidige stand van zaken.


Onze dank gaat uit naar degenen die hun medeleven hebben getoond en hulp hebben aangeboden in deze zware periode.











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