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VeoPox™ - Hybrid Adhesion Promoters






At the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany, ADDAPT Chemicals BV will launch VeoPox™. The ADDAPT VeoPox™ range is designed as novel adhesion promoters for those formulators or resin manufacturers developing DTM systems for light-, mid- and heavy-duty systems.


VeoPox™ systems are chemical hybrid systems based on combinations of Epoxy, Fatty Acid and (Meth)acrylates. ADDAPT VeoPox™ can be used as additives giving excellent adhesion and corrosion protection in systems like:


       - Solvent-based systems/High solid/Solvent free systems cured by peroxide or driers;

       - Solvent free UV-curable systems.


For use in water-based systems like Alkyd Emulsions, VeoPox™ emulsions are available. It is also possible for those skilled in the art, to incorporate VeoPox™ in Acrylic, Styrene/Acrylic and VeoVa™ polymer dispersions via mini emulsion/mass transfer techniques creating even more interesting chemical hybrid systems for water-based DTM applications.




Press Release

Hexion Inc. and ADDAPT Chemicals BV Announce New Hybrid Polymer System


VeoVa™ vinyl ester monomer, a Versatic™ Acids & Derivatives product from Hexion Inc., is one of the key components in a new specialized hybrid polymer technology developed by ADDAPT Chemicals BV  for the paint and coatings industry. The Addapt VeoPox™ products are novel adhesion promoters for use in various technologies and substrates, offering improved adhesion and corrosion protection...


You can read the rest of the press release by visiting the website of Hexion.










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