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Wax Emulsions




The WaxMul products are based on different waxes like carnauba, paraffin & polyethylene wax. The applications depend on the wax type used; carnauba based wax emulsions are excellent release aids, lubricants and scratch resistance additives, whereas paraffin and polyethylene wax emulsions are used for surface effects and water repellency.


Protective Care Systems

Wax emulsions are also used to impart adhesion, buffability and slip resistance to (floor) polishes which makes the WaxMul products a comprehensive range of wax emulsions for protective care systems.





WaxMul C 325           download

WaxMul C 325 is a wax emulsion based on refined Type 3-Carnauba wax. This Carnauba wax gives excellent Scratch Resistance, Lubrication, Release & Anti- Block.


WaxMul WM 110download

WaxMul WM 110 is a wax emulsion based on a balanced blend of Polyethylene and Paraffin waxes giving water repellent properties as well as a matting effect.




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